We exist to Worship, Serve, and Glorify God with our lives. We assemble to worship, We disburse to serve, and We glorify God in our daily living.


We envision a church where people are so caught up in the atmosphere of praise, worship of God, and fellowship with each other that they can hardly wait to meet. Where people are being led to Christ, becoming disciples of His and in turn are involved in the process of reaching out to people who are unchurched and bringing them to hear the gospel.   

We envision a church that has effective holistic ministries (large and small groups) that are enabling people to cope with the stresses of life in the world. A church with dynamic leadership that is focused on the needs of each member, where members are benefited from effective bible study for people of all ages.

We desire a congregation of people who enjoy working and playing together providing a good example to unbelievers that Christianity means abundant and happy living.

We envision a church facility that is pleasant and suitable for worship and ministry to the membership and the community, where the people are hospitable, and God is glorified.