Laymen's Meeting

Mondays -1st, 3rd &, 5th

We warmly invite all men to join us in exploring the profound teachings of God's word. This gathering provides a valuable opportunity for men of all ages and backgrounds to come together, study scripture, and engage in meaningful discussions that promote spiritual growth and understanding. Whether you want to strengthen your faith, gain new insights, or connect with others on a spiritual journey, we encourage you to participate in this enriching experience. Let's uncover the timeless wisdom and guidance in the scriptures together and deepen our relationship with God and one another.

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Women's Ministry

Mondays-1st, 3rd, & 5th

Are you a woman seeking the strength needed to get through the week? Look no further. You are welcome to join the Women's Ministry, a supportive space designed to help you grow spiritually. Women’s Bible study is a vital aspect of spiritual growth and community building. It provides a dedicated time for women to delve into the scriptures, gaining deeper understanding and insight into God’s word. This study fosters a supportive environment where women can share their experiences, challenges, and revelations, creating a sense of solidarity and encouragement. Additionally, it empowers women to apply biblical principles to their daily lives, strengthening their faith and resilience. Through regular Bible study, women can cultivate a closer relationship with God, enhance their knowledge of the Bible, and build lasting friendships rooted in shared spiritual journeys.


Wednesday Night Bible Study

& Prayer Meeting

Join us each Wednesday night for Bible study, where we gather virtually to explore the scriptures and deepen our faith together. These midweek sessions offer a perfect opportunity to pause and reflect, providing spiritual nourishment and a sense of community. Through engaging discussions, insightful teachings, and shared prayers, our virtual Bible study fosters a supportive environment for everyone, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey. Whether new to the Bible or have studied it for years, you'll find a welcoming space to grow and connect with others. Don't miss this chance to enrich your week and strengthen your faith from the comfort of your own home.

Prayer Meeting @6:00pm | Bible Study @6:30pm

By Phone

Phone Access: 346-248-7799 | Zoom Meeting ID: 835-5368-6586 | Passcode: 631958

By Zoom App

Zoom Meeting ID: 835-5368-6586 | Password: Bible

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Sunday School

In-Person & Virtual

Join us every Sunday morning for Sunday School, where we come together to delve into the teachings of the Bible and build a stronger foundation in our faith. This weekly gathering provides a nurturing environment for children and adults to learn and grow through engaging lessons and interactive discussions. Our Sunday School classes are designed to cater to different age groups and levels of understanding, ensuring that everyone can participate and benefit. Whether seeking to deepen your knowledge of scripture, find answers to life's big questions, or enjoy the fellowship of like-minded individuals, our Sunday School offers a welcoming space for all. Join our vibrant Sunday School community to make your Sunday mornings meaningful and enriching.

Sunday School @8:30am | In-Person & Virtual

By Phone

Phone Access: 346-248-7799 |  Zoom Meeting ID: 813-9766-4839 | Access Code: 146392

By Zoom App

Zoom Meeting ID: 831-9766-4839 | Passcode: Sunday

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What to study - Get the Books

To enrich our Bible study experience, we have incorporated the exploration of two supplementary books alongside our study of the Bible. These additional resources serve to deepen our understanding, providing unique perspectives and insights that complement our examination of biblical teachings. As we delve into this multi-faceted approach, our aim is to foster a comprehensive and nuanced comprehension of the scriptures, allowing for a more profound connection with the spiritual lessons and wisdom they impart.

  • Spritual Leadership By: Henery & Richard blackaby

    Embark on a transformative journey with us as we strive to provide clear guidance for leaders seeking to impact the individuals and organizations under their care positively. Our focus centers on the profound role of spiritual leadership, acknowledging that the task is to guide people from their current state to the destination that aligns with God's purpose. Central to this journey is the reliance on the Holy Spirit, recognizing that true leadership is not solely a human endeavor but a collaborative effort with divine guidance. In this sacred responsibility, spiritual leaders embrace accountability to God, understanding that their actions and decisions carry a profound spiritual weight. Join us in exploring the path of spiritual leadership, where purpose, guidance, and accountability converge to inspire meaningful and impactful leadership.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE BOOK

  • Standard lesson commentary (Annual Bible commentary)

    Embark on a transformative year-round journey with us as we delve into the timeless wisdom of the Bible. Join our community in exploring the scriptures alongside the standard lesson commentary's enriching insights. Together, we will deepen our understanding of the Word, seeking inspiration and guidance for every season of life. Whether you're a seasoned Bible scholar or a newcomer to the teachings, our collective study promises a fulfilling and enlightening experience. Come be a part of this continuous exploration as we uncover the profound lessons and timeless truths embedded in the scriptures throughout the year.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE BOOK