Prayer Changes Things

"Step into a realm where faith transforms, and hope takes flight. 'Prayer Changes Things' is not just a statement; it's an affirmation that echoes through the corridors of belief. Here, we embark on a collective journey where the power of prayer is not just acknowledged but celebrated. Join us in this sacred space, where every heartfelt prayer becomes a catalyst for change. In a world of uncertainties, let us together unravel the extraordinary possibilities that unfold when we connect with the divine. Welcome to a place where faith thrives, and miracles unfold – because, indeed, prayer changes things."


Please pray for my family. Thanks


Just testing the prayer request form on the true lee website

Prayer request

"Welcome to our Prayer Request Community, where hearts connect and hopes are lifted. In this sacred space, we invite you to share your prayers, knowing that a community of compassionate souls stands ready to join you in lifting them up. Whether you seek strength, healing, or guidance, let this be a haven for your intentions. Together, we weave a tapestry of support and love. Your prayers matter, and so do you. Share your heart, and let the power of collective faith illuminate your path. Blessings to you on this journey of connection and healing."